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What Is Cash Flow Management Software and Why Does It Matter?

April 21, 2023

What Is Cash Flow Management Software and Why Does It Matter?

Ariel Gottfeld

Ariel Gottfeld

Managing cash flow is an important part of running a business. Healthy cash flow ensures that a business has enough money to cover its expenses. While it’s possible to create cash flow statements and forecasts by hand, software automates the process to save time.

Finding the right cash flow management software for your business can greatly improve efficiency. But what is this software and why is it so important for businesses to use it?

What Is Cash Flow Management?

Cash flow management is the process of calculating and optimizing the cash that flows into and out of a business. When cash flow is positive, more cash is flowing into the business than flowing out of it.

Managing cash flow can help business owners make smarter decisions and avoid cash shortages that can put a financial strain on their company.

Cash flow management software is a simple and effective way to manage your cash flow.

Why Is Cash Flow Management So Important to a Business?

Having an effective cash flow management system is important for any business because it will help them avoid cash shortages that can leave them insolvent and overburdened with debt. In severe situations, cash flow issues can force a business to close its doors permanently or file for bankruptcy.

Cash flow management is so important because it helps businesses:

Better Understand Their Spending Habits

Proper cash flow management helps business owners better understand their spending habits so that they can optimize their expenses. It can also help businesses understand the areas where they are seeing a healthy return on investment.

Maintain Relationships with Vendors

Proper cash flow management ensures that you have enough money to pay vendors and maintain positive relationships. When you take care of your vendors, they are likely to take care of you.

Maintaining relationships with vendors also ensures that you can always meet customer demand.

Reach Their Goals for Growth

When growth happens too quickly, it can cause cash flow issues. Proper management of your cash flow will help you achieve sustainable growth, so you can reach your goals without added stress.

Improve Their Financial Planning

Financial planning plays an important role in running a business. With proper cash flow management, you get a more detailed overview of your business’s cash position and financial health.

When you manage your cash flow carefully, you can:

  • Avoid overspending when expenses are higher than usual
  • Make investments when the timing is right

Simply put, cash flow management allows you to take a proactive approach rather than a reactive one with your business.

How to Effectively Manage Cash Flow?

Managing cash flow requires diligence. Consistent management ensures that you’re always on top of your finances. But how do you manage your cash flow effectively?

Here are some tips:

Encourage Early Payments

Provide an incentive for customers or clients to pay on time or to make early payments. Offering a small discount for timely payments won’t eat into your margins too much and will get cash flowing into your business more quickly.

Optimize Spending

Reduce and optimize your spending wherever possible. Try negotiating with suppliers and even your landlord to trim your costs. Even something as simple as switching your energy supplier can help you reduce your expenses and make it easier to manage your cash flow.

Use Cash Flow Management Software

Cash flow management software will make it easy to manage your cash flow. In addition, software automates the process, so you can spend more time focusing on core tasks and growing your business.

Why Should I Use Cash Flow Management Software?

Along with time savings, cash flow management software can also:

  • Eliminate human error. These platforms use data from your accounting software to calculate your cash flow and create forecasts. Eliminating human error will ensure that you have an accurate picture of your cash flow.
  • Help you avoid cash shortages. When you’re using software to manage your cash flow, you get a more detailed look at your finances and can pinpoint areas that may need improvement to prevent cash shortages.

No matter the size of your business or your industry, cash flow software will help you take better control of your business’s finances.

How Can Managing Your Cash Flow Help Your Business?

Using business cash flow management software can help your business in many ways. With the right software program, you can:

  • Avoid running out of cash.
  • Plan for sustainable growth.
  • Better understand your slow and busy periods.
  • Invest in growth strategically.
  • Hire when it makes the most financial sense for your business.

Cash flow management can help a business operate more efficiently and sustainably over the long term.

How to Choose Cash Flow Management Software?

There are many cash flow management tools out there. How do you find the right cash flow management software for your business?

5 Things to Look for in Cash Flow Management Software

There are several things to look for when finding the best cash flow management software. Five of the most important things to consider are:

1. Integration with Accounting Software

Does the software integrate with your accounting software? Integrations will make your life easier by saving you time and ensuring that your cash flow data is accurate.

Software that integrates with your accounting software will take this data to build statements, forecasts and more.

2. Creating Branded Reports

The best software programs will allow you to create branded reports that look professional and provide stakeholders with important cash flow and other financial data.

3. Easy Setup

When comparing your options for cash flow software, make sure the platform is easy to use. If the program has a steep learning curve, you will be less likely to use it.

4. Forecasts and Projections

Another important thing to look for when choosing your software is additional features and functionality. The best software programs also allow you to create cash flow forecasts and projections so that you can plan for the future.

5. What-if Scenarios

Look for software programs that also allow you to create what-if scenarios. With scenario planning, you can see how different decisions will affect your cash flow.

The Best Software for Cash Flow Management

There are many cash flow forecasting tools out there, but some of the best ones are:

  • Float: Float offers cash flow forecasting and scenario planning. It integrates with QuickBooks, Xero and other accounting platforms.
  • Cash Flow Frog: Cash Flow Frog is a comprehensive cash flow management and forecasting software that allows you to create detailed statements, forecasts, projections, what-if scenarios and more. It’s one of the most robust cash flow management tools available.
  • Fathom: Fathom is a reporting, analysis and forecasting tool. It allows you to create a variety of forecasts, including rolling ones, but it’s more limited in terms of features and functions.

Choosing cash flow management software shouldn’t be a decision you take lightly. Weigh the pros and cons of each option to find a solution that truly meets your needs and budget.

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