Cash Flow Frog

The #1 cash flow forecasting tool for QuickBooks Desktop

Cash Flow Frog integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Desktop and makes it super simple to track your cash flow, simulate what-if scenarios and plan ahead.
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Do more with QuickBooks Desktop

Cash Flow Frog eliminates the need for endless spreadsheets and does all the work for you by periodically pulling the data from your QuickBooks Desktop company file and automatically generating a detailed cash flow forecast that is always up-to-date.

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Quick & Simple One-Time Setup

We have created a simple and straightforward step-by-step setup guide to help you get started easily. Simply sign up and follow the steps to connect your QuickBooks Desktop company.

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"Quick & simple to use"

It makes cash flow forecasting dead simple. 
All QuickBooks updates are automatically updated in the app, new invoices or bills are integrated into the forecast.

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Always Up-To-Date Cash Flow Forecast

Cash Flow Frog pulls the data from your QuickBooks Desktop company file and generates your cash flow forecast in the cloud so you can track your cash flow from anywhere. Simply open a web browser and access detailed cash flow forecasts, visualizations and reports that are always in sync with your QuickBooks Desktop company.

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QuickBooks Desktop

Goodbye spreadsheets!

Cash Flow Frog completely eliminates the need to constantly create and update endless tedious spreadsheets in order to make sense of your cash flow. Every bill, invoice, expense or sales you enter on QuickBooks Desktop is picked up by Cash Flow Frog and your forecast is updated accordingly.

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Use it anywhere, anytime.

Whether you’re running QuickBooks Desktop on your laptop or PC, or accessing a private server or a hosting service in the cloud, Cash Flow Frog pulls the data directly from the QuickBooks Desktop company file with all the latest changes, whether they were made by you or by any one of your colleagues.

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A safe environment to test and plan the future of your business.

With Cash Flow Frog you have the freedom to experiment and explore various what-if scenarios so you can make the right decisions for your business. And you never have to worry about your QuickBooks Desktop data because any changes you make in your forecasts, bills or invoices don’t affect the data on QuickBooks.

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