Forget about spreadsheets and tedious data entries.

Cash Flow Frog syncs the information from your accounting software and keeps it up to date with every cash movement.

Syncing cash flow data from accounting software (QuickBooks online / QuickBooks Desktop / Xerp / Sage / FreshBooks)

Works straight out of the box.

Easily connect your accounting software and see how Cash Flow Frog automatically keeps your data in sync and your cash flow position updated.

Goodbye spreadsheets!

Stop spending hours updating spreadsheets or going through clunky import/export processes. On Cash Flow Frog your data is fresh, accurate and trustworthy.

The most valuable information at your fingertips.

Forecasting has been a reason for anxiety because of the sheer amount of data that needs to be processed and the constant feeling that you’re missing something.

Our software does all the heavy lifting and gives you a clear picture of your cash position in the short and long term, allowing you can make decisions with confidence.

No matter which accounting software you use, your data is safe.

Cash Flow Frog never edits your accounting software data, it only reads your data. We keep a very high standard of security and are subject to periodic reviews by your accounting software data security teams.

"Anyone who has had to create a cash-flow forecast from scratch, will be amazed at how quickly this task can be accomplished using this app."

Debra Bourne

Seamless integration with the leading accounting software.

We provide integration with the leading accounting software and our team is working hard to add integrations with more software.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online integration is as easy as it gets. Get all your data synced with a click of a button.

A logo of intuit QuickBooks
A logo of intuit QuickBooks

QuickBooks Desktop

We provide a step-by-step guide and 1 on 1 assistance, if needed, for setting up QuickBooks Desktop integration.


Our team is currently working on Xero integration. It will soon be available to all users.

A logo of Xero Accounting software

See your cash flow in real time.

It’s incredibly reassuring being able to see your up-to-date cashflow at any time.

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