Take control of your business cash flow

Sleep better at night knowing exactly how much cash your business has now and how much you’ll have in the future.

See your cash flow forecast in a monthly view

Integrates seamlessly with the leading accounting software

Connect to your accounting software with the click of a button and have your forecast ready instantly. There are no clumsy import processes or manual data entries. Your information is automatically pulled from your accounting software and always kept up-to-date.

Are you an accountant or a bookkeeper?

We have highly profitable programs for accountants, bookkeepers and QuickBooks ProAdvisors. 

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Cash Flow Frog

Proven tools for successfully managing cash flow.

New tools and features are added regularly.

  • Forecasts
  • Scenarios
  • Projections
  • Customer insights
  • Reports
  • Account mapping

See your cash balance now and far into the future

Accounting software only allow you to look back at what has already occurred. Our financial forecasts let you know exactly how your business is doing right now, and where it is headed in the future

Daily cash flow graph with cash flow balances table

See the results of your business decisions before you make them.

Simulate how changes you want to make in your business and decisions you face will affect your cash balance moving forward.

Plan future cash flow scenarios

Significantly improve forecast accuracy with projections.

Cash Flow Frog takes your forecast accuracy a step further with data models that predict future transactions. Add projections to your forecast and see how future transactions are going to affect your cash on hand.

Review & add suggested cash flow projections to your cash flow forecast

Harness the power of Big Data to get to know your customers better.

Customer Insights scores each of your customers based on an analysis of the transactions you’ve had with them and their payment behavior. The score is used to rank your customers and give you actionable insights to improve revenue per customer.

See how all your customers score and rank in this Customer Insights table

Make sure your stakeholders understand the situation of your business.

Reports is a very simple feature that allows you to export and share forecasts, scenarios, graphs and tables from Cash Flow Frog with your team, partners and stakeholders.

Beautiful Cash Flow planner PDF reports in color

Organize your accounting data so it's easy to view and understand.

Account mapping allows you to change the structure of the data that is integrated from your accounting software. Define what accounts go into which categories so that your reports are easy to understand.

Re-structure your QuickBooks/Xero data on Cash Flow Frog

What our users have to say

"This software gives me the peace of mind that I have a plan."

Jeff G.

"Frog makes cash flow forecasting dead simple since all updates to my QuickBooks are automatically updated to the app."

H. Jack

"Simple and straightforward. Customer service is great and acts quickly on feature suggestions from customers."

WL John

"I used to spend HOURS doing cash flow reports on excel. This tool is invaluable. I also find the customer support is above and beyond anything I've ever experienced"


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