QuickBooks Online Integration

The best cash flow forecasting software for QuickBooks Online.

Automatically generated cash flow forecasts for QuickBooks Online users. One-click integration, no set up and no data entry.

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See your cash flow forecast in a monthly view

QuickBooks helps you look back, Cash Flow Frog is all about the future.

QuickBooks, like all accounting software, accounts for the past and doesn’t offer businesses much in terms of forecasting their future. Cash Flow Frog complements QuickBooks’ functionality. It allows businesses to use their accounting information in order to predict the future of their cash flow.
Businesses use Cash Flow Frog as a QuickBooks Online add-on for a variety of purposes:

  • Plan cash flow moving forward.
  • Test possible future cash flow Scenarios.
  • Receive Customer Insights.
  • Share Reports with stakeholders.
  • Make educated decisions based on scientific forecasts.
  • Reach consensus within organizations regarding their future.

And much more…

See your cash flow forecast in a monthly view
Create a new cash flow forecast scenario

No set up and no data entry.

Cash Flow Frog integrates with your QuickBooks account and your data is automatically synced. The software analyzes the data and creates future models of your cash flow. It requires no effort.

Your forecasts are always up to date.

Cash Flow Frog regularly syncs your QuickBooks Online data to make it is updated and that your forecasts are accurate.

"I always thought cash flow should be simple and this app has made it easier than I imagined."

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Organize your QuickBooks data to suit your needs.​

Account Mapping allows you to organize how you view your QuickBooks accounts on Cash Flow Frog in a different order than in your Chart of Accounts.

Test what can't be tested on QuickBooks.

Cash Flow Frog allows you to test multiple future Scenarios. Users can create, duplicate and edit any type of transaction in order to test how it affects their future cash flow.

Your QuickBooks data is safe.

All data entries and edits on Cash Flow Frog are saved within the software and are never sent back to QuickBooks. Freely test future scenarios without worry.

QuickBooks standard security.

Cash Flow Frog keeps the high security standard required by QuickBooks and is regularly subject to security reviews by QuickBooks’ security team.

Cash Flow Frog is a natural fit for QuickBooks Online users.

Cash Flow Frog was developed especially for QuickBooks Online users, it speaks the same language as QuickBooks and is designed according to the same guidelines and principles. ProAdvisors, Accountants and Bookkeepers, small and large business who use QuickBooks find Cash Flow Frog to be very simple and intuitive.

Get more out of QuickBooks Online.

Companies like yours are acting now on cash flow insights to grow their business and empower their teams. Let us show you what Cash Flow Frog can do for you.

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