cash flow features

Never be surprised by a change in cash flow again.

Get a clear picture of your business' current cash balance and see much cash you will have at any given point in time.
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See your future cash balance and know where your business is headed

Your accounting software is designed to help you look back. Cash flow forecasts help you understand the current status of your business and look into its future bank balance.
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Cash Flow Scenarios

Make smarter business decisions by simulating different what-if scenarios

What-if scenarios help you decide on the right time to pay a bill, hire a new employee or make an owner’s draw by testing the impact of your actions on your future cash flow.

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"Quick & simple to use"

It makes cash flow forecasting dead simple, all QuickBooks updates are automatically updated in the app, new invoices or bills are integrated into the forecast.

Maria Davis
Cash flow reports

Share your cash flow forecasts and plans with beautiful and customizable reports

Our easy-to-use reports editor makes it super simple to create stunning cash flow reports and share your forecasts and scenarios with your colleagues and clients.

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Cash Flow Projections

Plan far into the future with smart and flexible cash flow projections

Projections are predicted cash transactions created either manually by you or automatically based on your accounting data and can easily be created, edited or deleted at any time.

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Customer insights cash flow forecast

Get to know your best and worst customers and improve your collection

Customer insights rank your customers based on sales, collections and payment punctuality and helps you optimize payment terms and improve cash flow planning.

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Planned Vs Actual reports
Planned Vs. Actual Results

Track Your Planned Cash Flow Vs. Actual Results

Track your cash flow performance to see how your actual cash flow performed compared to your plan. Stay on track, finetune your forecast and reach your cash flow goals.

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