Much more than Cash Flow forecasts

Forecasts are just the tip of the iceberg. Cash Flow Frog provides you with very powerful tools to predict the future of your business finances and manage your cash flow successfully.

No credit card required

Instant integration &
Automatic synchronization

Cash Flow Frog integrates directly with your accounting software. Your data is continuously synched so that your forecasts, reports and all the other features are always up to date. You need no prior knowledge in accounting or finances.

Predict your income and expenses

Keeping track of your business income and expenses is very challenging. Predicting your future cash balance, constantly updating all of the changing variables, is almost impossible. That’s what our forecasts do for you, automatically.
Cash Flow Frog is synched to your accounting software. It creates projections that are based on your historical and real time data. It also enables you to manually add, edit or delete items.

Simulate different scenarios &
Prepare for the future

How would hiring a new salesperson affect your business? Sales may increase but also your expenses… Can you afford moving into a bigger office? How would your bottom line be affected if you sign a new customer that requires more work hours from your employees?
Cash Flow Frog allows you to simulate different scenarios, predict possible outcomes and make the right business decisions.

Share reports with your stakeholders

Cash Flow Frog generates simple and informative cash flow reports. You can brand these reports with your company’s name and logo. Then download and share them with relevant people within your organization.

Notifications about opportunities, events & risks

The system constantly crunches your numbers, looking for any insight that may help you run your business finances. You can choose what you wish to be notified about. For example, overdue invoices, irregular expenses, income that exceeds your expectations and so on.

Customer insights

Managing customers wisely can be a key factor of running a successful business. The software analyzes metrics such customer’s purchases, how long it took them to pay and how much was collected. Each customer receives a score that helps you better understand how valuable they are and make decisions accordingly.

Find out how much money you can reinvest in your business

Start now and see your forecast within seconds. Take control over your cash flow, make business decisions with confidence.

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