Never be surprised by a change in cash flow again.

Get a clear picture of your business current cash balance and see much cash you will have at any given point in time.

Cash Flow planner screenshot - See cash-in, cash-out and cash balance in the past, right now and down the line
Select the type of graph for your cash flow forecast


Predict your future cash balance.

Use forecasts to see exactly how much cash your business will have at any given moment. Right now or in the future. See how each transaction influences your cash on hand.

Business managers say that it’s frightening to recall how they had been making decisions before they started using Cash Flow Frog’s Forecasts.


Test how your decisions will affect your business.

Create alternative versions of your forecast to simulate ‘what if’ situations and see the future results of the decisions you are facing today.

Plan future cash flow scenarios

"Simple to use. Simple to understand. Very effective at answering critical questions. Great support."


Reports Editor

Bring your colleagues up to speed.

The Reports feature is a wonderful tool for informing your colleagues about your business financials.

Report precise numbers and use clear, visual graphs to easily explain your position to your board of directors, management team and investors.

Beautiful Cash Flow planner PDF reports in color
Review & add suggested cash flow projections to your cash flow forecast


Predict transactions to improve forecast accuracy.

Add future transactions- predicted by our algorithm – to improve forecast accuracy and see how your cash balance will be affected.

Customer insights

Identify your best and worst customers.

Get insights about your customers and see how they score according to the value they bring to your business. Use this insight to decide on which customers to focus.

A screenshot of the general score of all customers' performance
Re-structure your QuickBooks/Xero data on Cash Flow Frog

Account mapping

Organize your data the way you want.

Use Account mapping to edit the way your data is presented on Cash Flow Frog. Structure your reports in a way that is easy for you and your colleagues to understand. Don’t worry, edits will not affect the data in your accounting software.

View your next month's bank balance.

Get cash flow forecasts that are super easy to understand.

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