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Planned vs Actual

Planned Vs Actual

Track your cash flow performance to see how your actual cash flow performed compared to your plan. Stay on track, finetune your forecast and reach your cash flow goals.



A smart way to compare real life results with your plans

Plan vs actual is an active process of tracking variances between your cash flow forecast and real-world results.

Easily analyze your cash flow and reach conclusions in a process of improving your plans and results.


Drill down

Reach precise conclusions

Get a clear and detailed analysis top to bottom, easily track gaps between your forecast and real life actual results


"Quick & simple to use"

It makes cash flow forecasting dead simple, all QuickBooks updates are automatically updated in the app, new invoices or bills are integrated into the forecast.

Maria Davis


Seamless integration

Automatically sync your accounting data

Actual results are automatically imported from your accounting data and stacked up against your planned cash flow.

Save hours of your precious time importing actual results!


Perfect fit

Cash Flow Frog is a natural add on for every accounting software

Cash Flow Frog was developed to import your accounting data and let you easily forecast and improve your cash flow.

Accountants and Bookkeepers, small and large businesses who find Cash Flow Frog to be very simple, intuitive, and complimentary.


Planned Vs Actual can answer very important questions

Use planned vs actual to answer your most important questions
Which customers didn't pay on time?
Why am I under my collections plans?
Did I under budget payroll?
Why did my burn rate skyrocket?
Which expenses should I cut first?


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