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Pricing FAQ

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards.
We use a secure and well-established credit card payment gateway service to process your payment.

How many users can my team have and how can we add more users?

The number of users who can access your account depends on your plan. Please see our pricing plans (above) for more information. Users can be added within the app.

What are the differences between annual and monthly plans?

Customers on monthly plans pay each month on the same day of the month that they purchased the software.  Customers on annual plans pay once a year and receive a 20% discount, depending on the plan.

If we want to cancel our subscription, do we get a refund?

All plans can be canceled at any time, once you cancel your plan you will not be charged on the next billing cycle.

Is my data secure?

Cash Flow Frog is subject to reviews on a regular basis. Your company’s data is kept private and will never be shared with any 3rd party.

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Do you offer discounted plans to non-profits and NGOs?

Yes, we are proud to support organizations that do great things around the world. That’s why we offer discounted pricing for qualified nonprofit organizations.

Please reach out in the in-app chat once you completed the signup process.

Do you have special pricing for accountants and bookkeepers?

Yes, we have special features as well as special rates for accountants and bookkeepers, please see more information here.

Can I change my plan?

You can make changes to your plan at any time by changing your plan type and billing cycle.

To change your plan, simply click on the pricing link at the footer of the app.