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Customer Insight Analyst

May 19, 2022

Customer Insight Analyst

Ariel Gottfeld

Ariel Gottfeld

Cash Flow Frog gives you valuable customers insight. See which customers pay on time and view transactions with the tap of a button. Insight scores help you take actionable steps to improve customer revenue.

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Description Of the Customer Analysis Tool

Cash Flow Frog uses your data to create customers insight scores. Our analysis tool acts as a customer behavior assessment, allowing you to see your best and most troublesome customers.

When you understand your customer’s behavior and how they engage with your business, you can take steps to increase revenue and cater to their needs.

Customer Analytics Goals

The goal of Cash Flow Frog’s customer insight process is to help you understand customer behavior and boost your revenue.

Customer behavior modeling explains why and how customers are making their decisions. With this valuable insight, you can better serve your customers and increase sales by offering the right products or services.

Types Of Characteristics for Customer Insight Analysis

Cash Flow Frog acts as your customer insight analyst. Through data analysis, we give each customer a score based on their:

  • Total sales
  • How often they buy
  • How often they are late with payments
  • Their average payments
  • How quickly they pay
  • Their credit terms

These types of customer insights can help you improve your cash flow. Change payment terms for late-paying customers, reward loyal customers and take other actionable steps to maximize revenue per customer. We use actual customer data to give you accurate insights.

Key Benefits

Cash Flow Frog’s online customer insight tools put your most important customer data right at your fingertips. See which customers are:

  • Most valuable and always pay on time.
  • Slow to pay or may cause problems.

Use these customer insight models and information to improve behavior and transform bad customers into good ones. Nurture profitable customer relationships and find ways to motivate customers to pay on time.

Improved customer behavior can help with cash flow planning and understanding the characteristics of customers who aren’t a good fit for your business.

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Scope Of Application

Scope Of Application

Cash Flow Frog provides robust customer insight management powered by big data. With our easy-to-use platform, you can:

  • Identify the characteristics of your best customers
  • Pinpoint relationships that should be nurtured
  • Determine which customers are not an ideal fit for your business

Our customer insight model and score help you quickly and easily identify customers that need more attention.

Loyal customers who pay on time are your best customers. They help your company maintain a healthy cash flow. Focusing your efforts on improving those customer relationships can help keep your business growing and thriving.

But identifying these customers using manual methods can be chaotic and time-consuming. Sifting through mountains of paperwork or online transaction wastes valuable time you should be spending on your business.

That’s where Cash Flow Frog comes in. We analyze your customer data to help you separate your good customers from those who need a little more attention. Cash Flow Frog does all of this and more automatically from our web application, so you never have to lift a finger.

Customer Analytics Problems and Solutions with Cash Flow Frog

Are you looking for the best customer insight software? Don’t waste time going through your customer data using manual techniques and tracking. Let Cash Flow Frog be your customer insight analyst.

If you’re constantly chasing invoices and need a way to quickly and easily identify your less-than-ideal customers, Cash Flow Frog can help. Our customer insight system and scoring system give you valuable insight at a glance.

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