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Cash Flow Frog Integrates With FreshBooks - It's the Perfect Partnership

December 23, 2022

Cash Flow Frog Integrates With FreshBooks - It's the Perfect Partnership

Ariel Gottfeld

Ariel Gottfeld

FreshBooks integrations are available with Cash Flow Frog. As proud members of the FreshBooks Partner Program, we’re part of the App Store and join over 100 partners who can easily integrate into the platform.

Through FreshBooks integrations, we can bring more features and functionality to our clients.

But, if you’re an accountant or bookkeeper, joining the FreshBooks Partner Program should be even more exciting to you. You can now use the advanced features of both apps to provide robust forecasts and cash flow statements.

What is FreshBooks Software?

FreshBooks integrations are exciting because the software, used primarily by small- and medium-sized businesses, offers robust accounting features on desktop and mobile. 2ndSite Inc., the platform’s developer, has been offering the platform since 2003.

And hundreds of FreshBooks integrations have occurred during that time.

What is FreshBooks App Used For?

We’re excited for our FreshBooks integrations because you can use the app for a lot of integral accounting tasks:

  • Customize invoices
  • Accept credit and bank payments
  • Track time
  • Enter unlimited expenses
  • Work on any device, anywhere
  • So much more

FreshBooks integrations add to these features by adding unique functionality. For example, Cash Flow Frog can handle cash flow forecasting and projection.

How Do You Connect Cash Flow Frog with FreshBooks?

We’ve made our FreshBooks integrations as simple and straightforward as possible. You can easily connect to Cash Flow Frog by either:

  • Going on the FreshBooks App Store
  • Go through our step-by-step process

Our developers have used FreshBooks API integration to allow you to connect our platform with your existing FreshBooks’ account in minutes. FreshBooks integrations allows us to pull all of the information we need to begin supercharging Cash Flow Frog features.

Run account reports, statements, what-if scenarios and more.

In fact, let’s look at what FreshBooks users will get thanks to our new partnership.

What Do FreshBooks Users Get With Cash Flow Frog Software?

With FreshBooks integrations, Cash Flow Frog extends the usability and versatility of your accounting software. Once you connect your FreshBooks account with Cash Flow Frog account, you can begin creating:

Cash Flow Reports and Statements

FreshBooks integrations make it quick and easy for Cash Flow Frog to create cash flow statements and reports.

Cash Flow Frog will use the data from your FreshBooks account to automatically generate statements and reports in minutes.

Cash Flow Projections

With Cash Flow Frog, you can use your accounting data to create cash flow projections. Projections help you plan far into the future, and they can be added to all of your Forecast Scenarios.

You can add all types of predicted transactions with Cash Flow Frog. With the touch of a button, you can customize any parameter you wish, including recurrence, type, amount, customer, vendor, etc.

Projections are a great planning tool that can help you determine when and how to make decisions.

What-if Scenarios

Cash Flow Frog makes it easy to create what-if scenarios, so you can predict how certain decisions will affect your cash flow.

What-if scenarios are helpful for determining:

  • When to launch a product
  • Whether you can hire new staff
  • If now is the right time to buy new equipment

Cash Flow Frog can use your FreshBooks data for scenario planning, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

The FreshBooks and Cash Flow Frog Relationship Goes Well Beyond Technical Integration

FreshBooks integrations work seamlessly with Cash Flow Frog to bring you more cash flow data, customer insights and more. One-click integration and no data input are needed to:

  • Use the same data you have in FreshBooks with Cash Flow Frog
  • Generate cash flow reports, forecasts and projections in seconds
  • Gain valuable customer insights

With the power of FreshBooks integrations into Cash Flow Frog, you gain more insight into your business’ operations than with either solution on its own. It's the perfect partnership for business owners and decision makers who want to understand the operation’s financial health.

Why Is Cash Flow Frog The Best Choice For Your Business?

Cash Flow Frog is the best choice for your business because it saves time and reduces the risk of errors in your cash flow forecasting and cash flow management. With FreshBooks integrations, Cash Flow Frog can automatically generate a cash flow forecast for you using data from your accounting software.

Because we are a FreshBooks Partner Program (and not part of the FreshBooks accounting partner program), you can easily find our app right on the FreshBooks AppStore. That makes it easy to get started with Cash Flow Frog. Simply create an account, download our app and start creating cash flow forecasts in minutes.

Through Cash Flow Frog, you can also:

  • Create scenarios to see how your decisions may affect your cash flow
  • See which customers pay on time and which ones may need more attention
  • Compare your planned vs. actuals to see how your performance is measuring up
  • Create projections to plan far out into the future
  • Create and share branded reports
  • Incorporate VAT/GST into your forecasts

Cash flow forecasting is important for every business. Cash Flow Frog takes the pain and frustration out of creating forecasts by automating the process and providing other tools to better manage your cash flow.


With FreshBooks integration, Cash Flow Frog makes it easy to create cash flow forecasts and more using data from your preferred accounting software. Integration is quick and simple, so you don’t need any technical knowledge or experience to get started.

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