New: Add multiple projections in bulk

Projections are the most important feature for any cash flow planner. They allow our users to add future transactions to their forecast (transactions that are not included in their accounting software data).

In the old user interface, you could only add one projection at a time. From now on you can add as many projections as you want in one go.

​Start by clicking on the green button that says ‘Add Projections​’, at the top right side of the screen:

A screenshot of cash flow forecast graph with an arrow that points to 'Add Projections' button

A popup will open where you can start adding projections to your forecast:

A screenshot that shows how to add one cash flow projection

Just like with a single transaction, the 4 transactions will be copied to the ‘Add Projections’ popup where you can edit and save the transactions to your forecast:

A screenshot that shows how to add many cash flow projections in bulk

Tip: You can duplicate projections in this popup.

If you want to create a few similar cash flow projections, after filling in the data for the first one, click ‘Duplicate’ to create another projection with the same data. Then edit only the data that varies between these projections.

Screenshot that shows how to duplicate a projection

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