New: Account mapping: Restructure your QuickBooks data on Cash Flow Frog 🐸📚🗂️

Account Mapping is an essential feature for any cash flow planner. It allows you to structure your data so that your cash flow is easy to view and understand. This feature has been requested by many of our users, and we’re thrilled to announce its’ release today.

If you haven’t heard the term Account Mapping before, you’re probably asking yourself what it is, and how to use it.
Cash Flow Frog uses the data structure that you set on your accounting software (QuickBooks Online, Desktop, Xero, etc.).
The problem is that sometimes the data structure used for accounting purposes is not ideal for cash flow planning. So, using Account Mapping you can change the data structure on Cash Flow Frog without affecting the structure on your accounting software.

Here’s an example of how you could use Account Mapping:
Let’s say we have a business that sells on three online marketplaces:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy

We receive income from each marketplace. So, on our accounting software, we create a separate account for each income source.

On Cash Flow Frog these accounts will appear under the type ‘Sales’:

A screenshot of the Account Mapping feature on Cash Flow Frog

Now, let’s say that for cash flow planning purposes we would like to see our Amazon Sales income separately from Etsy and eBay.

So, first we create a new ‘Amazon Sales’ type:

Account Mapping - How to create a new type

The new type we’ve created now appears in our Account Mapping screen:

A new type now appears in the Account Mapping screen

In order to move ‘Amazon’ to the new type, we click the ‘Move account’ button and select the type ‘Amazon Sales’ :


In order to move ‘Amazon’ to the new type, we click the ‘Move account’ button and select the type ‘Amazon Sales’ :

The account 'Amazon' has been moved from the type 'Sales' to the type 'Amazon Sales'.

We also change the name of the type ‘Sales’ to ‘eBay and Etsy Sales’, so it’s easier to distinguish and understand:

Use Account Mapping to edit type's names

The changes we’ve made to our Account Mapping will affect the way our data is displayed on Cash Flow Frog and will allow us to see our Amazon Sales separately from our eBay and Etsy Sales. This change will help us plan our cash flow moving forward, but it will not affect the structure of the data on our accounting software in any way.


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