New: Set the period of time in which you want to view your cash flow 📅⚙️


We’ve released a cool improvement to our regular date picker. We wanted to allow you more flexibility when selecting the date range of the cash flow that you’re viewing.

For example, if you want to look at 6 months cash flow that are divided into 3 months history and 9 months forecast, the new date range selector allows you to select a 12 months range and set the ratio to 25% history and 75% forecast.

This feature is not a game changer, but we are always happy to add new tweaks and improvements to make our software more friendly and easy to use.

To open the new Date Range Picker click on the button on the right side of the date range:

A screenshot of Cash Flow Frog's forecast with an arrow pointing to the 'select date' button

The top part of the picker is where you select the time period that you want to view. The bottom part is where you select the ratio between history and forecast:

Cash Flow date range picker


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