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Advantages of Utilizing the QuickBooks Mobile App

January 26, 2024

Advantages of Utilizing the QuickBooks Mobile App

Ariel Gottfeld

Ariel Gottfeld

The QuickBooks mobile app is used by over 7 million businesses. Why? Because it’s one of the world’s most feature-rich accounting platforms. Companies find many ways to leverage the platform to manage their income, expenses, taxes and more.

What is the QuickBooks Mobile App?

The QuickBooks Mobile App is designed to be a way to run your entire business right from your phone. Users can connect to the app and access all of their data from anywhere with an Internet connection.

You can work from anywhere and sync data to all devices.

Why You Should Use the QuickBooks Mobile App

Using the QuickBooks accountant app allows you to:

  • Take your business on the go and manage your finances from anywhere
  • Allow multiple users to access your account from the app
  • Join 7 million customers around the world using the platform to run their business
  • Track expenses, sync them, connect to your credit card and bank account
  • Create estimates and stay on top of your receipts

Businesses need to be mobile and able to accommodate their users across the world. Managing your business from your smartphone empowers you to close more deals, give your customers estimates, pay expenses and even send out invoices.

In fact, you’ll find many benefits when using the QuickBooks Mobile App.

Benefits of Using QuickBooks Mobile App

Once you begin using the QB Mobile App, you’ll notice the unique benefits that it offers over traditional software. A few of the many benefits that you’ll experience include:

Accessibility and Convenience

Use the QuickBooks mobile app anywhere you go. You can use the app with an Internet connection, sync data with the cloud and switch to the online version any time you want. Being able to manage your business on the go is a powerful tool.

Are you heading out to a meeting across the country?

Open up your phone to:

  • Send an invoice
  • Send an estimate
  • Pay bills
  • Run financial reports
  • So much more

Apps are convenient and accessible. You can even use the app to see the real-time financial health of your company.

Real-time Financial Monitoring

Mobile accounting connects to a central server that allows you to view your data from anywhere in the world. QuickBooks Mobile app helps you with real-time monitoring. Here’s how:

  • Run a profit and loss statement from your location to better understand how your company has performed during the selected reporting period
  • Access your balance sheet to better understand where your finances stand at any given point in time
  • Review the balance of your linked accounts
  • View your projected cash balance and cash flow with stunning charts and graphs

On top of real-time monitoring, you can also manage all of our invoicing right in the app.

Invoicing on the Go

With the QuickBooks online mobile app, you can send invoices right from your mobile device. Having the option to send invoices right from your smartphone means that you can get paid faster and never have to wait until you get back to the office to invoice a customer.

Expense Tracking and Categorization

With the QuickBooks mobile app, you can do most of the tasks that you can do with the desktop version of this accounting software – and that includes expense tracking and categorization.

Through the app, you can manage and track your expenses with just a few taps. Categorizing your expenses also helps you optimize your spending and save time during tax season.

All of these tasks can be handled right from the app, so you can tackle them anytime, anywhere.

Secure Data Synchronization

Another great advantage of using QuickBooks apps is that they offer secure data synchronization.

QuickBooks connects with your bank account, so it is crucial to ensure that your data is protected while being accessed or while it’s in transit.

QuickBooks states that they rely on advanced security safeguards to keep data protected and private.

Alerts and Notifications

The QuickBooks mobile app can send alerts and notifications when certain actions occur. For example, you can be alerted when inventory is low, about employee timesheets or an upcoming task.

QuickBooks offers a number of options for how you receive these alerts and when.

The great thing about receiving alerts on your mobile device is that you can take action while on the go. If an urgent situation arises, you’ll be notified right away and can take steps to resolve the problem before it escalates.

Who Should Use the QuickBooks Online Mobile App?

The QuickBooks app is ideal for small business owners, freelancers, bookkeepers and accountants. The app makes it easy to manage your finances, track expenses and more while on the go.

The app can handle most of the tasks that the desktop version can handle, with the exception of:

  • Mileage tracking
  • Taking photos of recent receipts

Otherwise, it can be very convenient to use the QuickBooks app to:

  • Create an invoice or sales receipt for a customer in person
  • Check account balances
  • Add basic details for vendors or customers

Compatibility of the Mobile App with Different QuickBooks Versions

The QuickBooks Online app is compatible with the desktop version of QuickBooks Online. If you have a different version of QuickBooks, you’ll need to check whether the app is compatible with your version.


There are many advantages of using the QuickBooks mobile app, whether you’re a small business owner, freelancer, bookkeeper or accountant. From expense tracking to financial monitoring and invoicing on the go, the QuickBooks app helps you manage your business with greater ease.

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