Reports Editor

Make sure your stakeholders understand the situation of your business.

The Reports Editor is a very simple feature that allows you to export and share forecasts, scenarios, graphs and tables from Cash Flow Frog with your team, partners and stakeholders.

Use the reports editor to create and edit cash flow reports

Share insights.

Whether you run a small or large business, reports can help you overcome the challenge of communicating your insights with others.

A PDF cash flow report showing cash in, cash out and cash balance in a visual graph.

Establish a common language with your business colleagues.

Make sure all relevant parties in your organization are up to speed and are aware of your cash flow situation going forward. When discussions are transparent and based on similar foundations, you can work more effectively.

"Easy to use. Great customer service."

"I tried multiple cash flow apps and found this one the easiest to use. "

John I.

Add comments and notes to your reports.

Adding clarifying comments and notes can help your team understand the reports easily.

Add notes to your cash flow PDF reports to help your colleagues or clients understand them.
Monthly sales shown in a beautiful PDF report.

Promote the right agenda.

When your agenda is based on a scientific approach, backed with numbers and reliable calculations, it is easier to convince your business partners of what is right for your business.

Help your team make the right decisions.

Provide your team with data and insights they need to make informed decisions. Helping your team understand your business’s fundamentals enables them to take ownership of decisions and provides them with more space to operate.

A table summarizing cash balances
Add your business's logo to brand your PDF reports

Build brand awareness and improve your reputation.

Brand your reports.
Add your logo and business name to your reports before sharing them, to reinforce your brand’s presence and authority.

Set goals and drive your team to achieve them.

Reports help keep your team up to speed and focused on reaching your business goals. Help your team track business metrics that are relevant to goals that they need to reach.

Measurable KPIs

Make sure everyone in your business is on the same page.

Share cash flow reports and insights with the people who matter most to your business.

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