December 22nd, 2019

Make sure your forecast includes all the transactions that can be predicted for the future 📊🔭🤖🔮👌

We’ve improved our prediction algorithm so it can identify more patterns in your historical data and create cash flow projections according to it.

So, from now on, you’ll receive significantly more suggestions than before, and you’ll find less and less need to enter future transactions manually. Consequently, your forecast will be much more accurate and reliable, while requiring much less manual work on your end.

Remember, the algorithm suggests projections (transactions that are likely to occur in the future) that should be included in your forecast. It never adds projections to the forecast without your permission. You can always edit suggested projections before adding them to the forecast or exclude them if they are irrelevant.

Besides receiving more suggestions than before, you will not notice any changes in the user interface. Nevertheless, the new suggestions will help you include all of the transactions that can be predicted for the future, thus improving accuracy and reliability.

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