June 20th, 2019

Cash Flow Frog now integrates with QuickBooks Desktop 📚🤝🐸

We are thrilled to announce that companies using QuickBooks Desktop can now easily connect to Cash Flow Frog and get a clear picture of their cash position in the short and long term within seconds.

While the new integration is seamless, we know how difficult it can be to use third-party apps with QuickBooks Desktop. Therefore we offer detailed guides and one on one support to help businesses get up and running in no time.

Our software allows you to access your cash flow, whether you’re connected to QuickBooks on the same computer or a remote server. Also, we offer a free plan, with no time limit or commitment, for you to try and see if Cash Flow Frog is the right fit for your business.

Select QuickBooks Desktop as you accounting software when you sign up to Cash Flow Frog:

A screenshot of Cash Flow Frog's sign up screen

Connecting to QuickBooks Desktop may not be easy for everybody, that’s why we offer 1 on 1 assistance through the process. Click ‘Help Me Connect to QuickBooks’ and our support team will reach out to you:

Get help connecting to QuickBooks Desktop or do it alone

Follow the instructions below if you select to connect QuickBooks Desktop by yourself. At any point, you can contact our support team:

Instructions for connecting with QuickBooks Desktop
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