Significantly improve forecast accuracy with projections.

Cash Flow Frog takes your forecast accuracy a step further with data models that predict future transactions. Add projections to your forecast and see how future transactions will affect your cash on hand.

  • Predict

Find out in advance what transaction are likely to occur in the future.

Cash Flow Frog’s algorithm predicts future transactions based on the data it receives from your accounting software. While outstanding bills and invoices can be added to your forecast automatically, other transactions, that are not yet planned, are predicted and surfaced by our algorithm, thus improving your ability to foresee what transactions will occur in the future, even before you have knowledge of them.

  • Control

Decide which projections to include in your forecasts.

Cash Flow Frog will always ask you before adding or editing a projection in order to make sure you understand how and why your forecasts are affected.

"Easy to use, insightful, useful output."

Baker Tilly inc.

  • Organize

Add to one of more forecasts.

Projections can be added to all of your Forecast Scenarios or to specific ones. When adding projections, select which scenarios to add them to.

  • Manual Entries

Add transactions manually.

In cases when you know of future transactions and the system doesn’t, you can add projections manually.

For example, if you close a new deal that is bound to bring about a new transaction, you know about it but the algorithm doesn’t have the information yet and therefore can’t predict it.

  • Bulk Uploads

Make bulk uploads in CSV format.

Bulk CSV upload is an easy solution for users who want to import large batches of data from another software or simply have a lot of data on spreadsheets, that they want to add as projections.

  • Flexibility

Multiple customization options.

Cash Flow Frog allows you to add predicted transactions of all kinds.
Customize any of the parameters: Type, recurrence, start and end dates, amount, increase or decrease, customer, vendor etc.

Find out what drives your cash balance up or down.

Cash Flow Frog’s algorithm helps businesses find out what transactions will occur and plan for the future.

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