Cash Flow Forecasting

Know how much cash your business will have at any point in time.

Accounting software only allow you to look back at what has already occurred. Our financial forecasts let you know exactly how your business is doing right now, and where it is headed in the future.

  • Automatic forecasting

Create new forecasts within seconds.

Cash Flow Frog creates forecasts automatically for you. All you need to do is connect with your accounting software (QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, etc.). Our algorithms analyze your data and project your cash flow balance moving forward.

  • Always up to date

Keep your forecasts synced and updated 24/7.

Cash Flow Frog syncs regularly with your accounting software so your cash flow forecasts are always current.

New bills, newly issued invoices, estimates or any other kind of transaction are automatically synced and integrated into your forecast.

"What a relief to have this tool!"​

"I'm worried all the time about what I am going to be receiving and what I have to pay out. This software gives me the peace of mind that I have a plan. It does a lot of the initial guessing and then I just have to check the assumptions. Very quick way for me to gut check if I'll be in business in six months! Love this software! "

Jeff G.

  • Multiple views

View different aspects of your forecasts.

We offer multiple reports in order to allow you to understand your forecasts better.

  • fully customizable

Edit & customize to meet your needs.

Cash Flow Frog is a dynamic work tool that helps you plan ahead.
Data in the forecasts can be edited, even though it is imported from QuickBooks / Xero / Sage / Wave.
When data is edited in Cash Flow Frog it does not affect the data in your accounting software. You get maximum flexibility and protect the sanctity of your data at the same time.

  • Visual

Visually see your cash flow.

One of the features our users love most is the ability to visually see their cash flow curve going forward. Visual graphs make it much easier to see trends and understand how your business is affected by different processes.
When users want to test alternative forecasts they use our Scenarios feature. It is a powerful tool which allows you to test different future scenarios.

  • Answers

Get clarity and answer important questions about the future of your business.

Knowing your real-time and future Cash Flow brings a lot of clarity into your business decision making process. Here are some questions Forecasts help business answer:
  • What will my bank balance show at the end of the month?
  • How much money will my business be spending in 3 months time?
  • How much am I going to spend on payroll next week?
  • How much will my customers pay me in July?
  • Can we afford to expand our business?
  • Can we afford to hire a new employee?
  • How will my cash flow be affected if I let an employee go?
By creating new Forecast Scenarios, you can test how multiple business decisions may affect your future cash flow.

See your future bank balance right now.

You need to know where your business is headed. Click below to get a glimpse of your future.

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