Forecast Scenarios

See the results of your business decisions before you make them.

Simulate how changes you want to make in your business and decisions you face will affect your cash balance moving forward.

  • Simulate

A smart way to simulate the consequences of your decisions.

How would hiring a new salesperson affect your business?
Sales may increase but so will your expenses. Will it be profitable?

How would your bottom line be affected if you sign a new customer? They’ll bring in more business but require more work hours from your employees.

Forecast scenarios allow you to simulate simple or complex sequences of changes that may happen to your business and see how your cash flow will be affected moving forward.

  • Clarity

Reach conclusions and share them with your partners.

Any scenario can be exported as a report and shared with your stakeholders. This is a very useful way to create consensus across your organization and reach agreements.

  • Simplicity

Easily create and manage your forecast scenarios.

Create brand new forecasts, or simply duplicate existing ones and make changes to any parameter

Give each forecast a name and description so you know exactly what possible scenario it represents.

"Critical Tool for CashFlow Forecast"

"In the past we used to manually update a spreadsheet to help us understand our cash on hand as well as forecast income/expenses. This well thought out and beautiful tool substantially reduced the manual effort by linking directly to QuickBooks Online and subsequently our Banks. It also has a very nice forecast chart so you can graphically see where you will be with your cash on hand in the next few weeks. Job well done guys!"


  • Data sanctity

Freely test changes without affecting your accounting software data.

Test changes in any financial aspect of your business:
Payroll, salaries, include or exclude customers’ invoices, vendors’ bills and much more.

Changes will only affect the forecast scenario you are testing. Other forecasts will not be affected and the data in your accounting software (QuickBooks Desktop/Online, Xero etc.) will not be affected at all.

  • Implement

Select the best scenario, save the others as alternatives.

After you choose to implement conclusions from a scenario that suits you best, you can still go back to other scenarios that you have tested. They are saved and you can always switch back to them.

  • Find answers

Scenarios can answer very important questions.

Use Scenarios to test events that happen only once, such as a one time purchase, or changes that will have a recurring affect on your business, such as hiring a new employee or increasing your rent.
Scenarios can easily be used to test multiple changes in cases where one changes triggers others. For example:

  • How will adding a new client affect my burn rate?
  • How will my cash flow be affected if I hire a new employee?
  • Can I afford to rent a new office?
  • If we take a loan with a $5,000 payment for 3 years, hire another employee that costs $5000 a month and potentially increase our income by $9,000 a month, what will be the consequences?
  • What will happen if I extend more credit to my clients?
  • If I spend $10,000 each month on advertisements and make 150% on my investment within 3 months, how will my cash flow be affected?

So which way should you go from here?

Find out where your decisions are bound to lead you.

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