Customer insights

Harness the power of Big Data to get to know your customers better.

Customer Insights scores each of your customers based on an analysis of the transactions you’ve had with them and their payment behavior. The score is used to rank your customers and give you actionable insights to improve revenue per customer.

  • Analysis

Analyze your customers' behavior.

Understanding your customers’ behavior and their relationship with your business is crucial. Our algorithm takes into account multiple aspects of each customer’s data. For example:

  • Total sales.
  • Credit terms extended.
  • Total payments collections.
  • Average payment collection time. 
  • Revenue.
  • Profit.
  • Frequency of late payments.
  • Frequency of sales.

The data is analyzed and each customer receives a score reflecting their value to your business. All your customers are ranked according to their score.

  • Behavior patterns

Find patterns buried in large batches of data.

Big data algorithms easily recognize patterns where there is too much data for people to analyze.

Even if your business has a lot of transactions, bills, invoices, customers, etc., our algorithm easily identifies behavior patterns and scores your customers accordingly.


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  • Good Customers

Single out your most valuable customers.

See which customers bring in the most profitable business, who always pays on time, with whom you have potential to grow and more.
Use this information to nurture your relationship with them and learn the characteristics of good customers so you can find more just like them.

  • Bad customers

Identify potentially bad customers.

Quickly single out customers who are likely to cause problems, even new customers that you have just started to work with. Our algorithms will identify them and let you know so you can reduce risk.

  • Behavior improvement

Turn your bad customers into good ones.

Identify certain behaviors that can easily be improved, such as late payments, so you can motivate your clients to correct bad behaviors and become better clients.

  • New customers

Learn how to find valuable customers.

Target new customers according to the characteristics of your good customers. Targeting high-value customers can improve your customers’ lifetime value, marketing return on investment and consequently your business’s profitability.

  • Answers

Answer important questions about your customers.

Use Customer insights to answer pertinent questions about your customers based on their behavior patterns:

  • Which ones are our best customers?
  • Which ones are our worst customers?
  • Which customers should we be worried about?
  • Which relationship should we nurture?
  • What does our ideal customer look like?
  • What characteristics should potential new customers have?

Find out more about your customers.

Important insights about your customers could be hiding in your data.

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