Plan the future of your business with easy cash flow forecasts.

See your cash balance now and many months into the future, identify problems, find opportunities and make educated decisions.

Cash flow planner - balance graph

See your cash balance today, next month and years ahead.

Cash Flow Frog makes forecasting simple and accessible to businesses owners and their teams.

Get a clear picture of where your business is headed, how much money is predicted to come in, go out and what will your cash balance be at any point in time. 

The forecasts are based on your accounting software data.

Answer your most pressing 'What if' questions.

What if client xxxx doesn’t pay on time?
What if we hire a new employee?
What if we get the new project next month?
What if we make a loan payment this week, could we still make payroll?

See how events that occur and the decisions you are facing can impact your cash on hand moving forward.

See your cash flow visually.

The brain processes images much faster than texts.

Consequently, seeing your forecasts as graphs is much more impactful than tables of data, like the ones you see on Xero and QuickBooks.

The software has a clearly designed interface, that allows you to quickly recognize how any transaction that takes place will affect your cash on hand. 

Having clear and visual forecasts at your fingertips enables you to easily bring colleagues up to speed as well.

This graph shows a comparison of your business's sales and collections

Integrate seamlessly with your accounting software.

Seamless sync with QuickBooks Online, Desktop and Xero to automatically refresh your data, keep your forecasts up to date and save precious time.

Get it working with a click of a button.

No setup. No data entry. Automatic updates.

Connect to your Xero or QuickBooks account with a click of a button. Cash Flow Frog analyzes your data and creates your forecast instantly. 

Your data is automatically kept in sync with your accounting software. So your forecasts are always up to date.

Easily understand your cash flow.

Cash Flow Frog has a very visual and intuitive interface.

The software breaks your cash flow down to very simple graphs that are easy to follow and understand. 

So, whether you’re a professional finance person or not, you will find that the ability to project cash-flow and identify shortfalls has never been easier.

Find the peace of mind every business person needs.

You don’t need to worry about how much money you’re supposed to receive, pay out and what your balance is going to be.

It is extremely reassuring to have a well-founded cash flow plan for the near and far future. Being able to log in and check your up-to-date cash flow forecast any time you want is a life saver for many business managers.

Get top notch customer service and support.

Our support team is very knowledgeable, personal and is always happy to help in a timely fashion. 

Our tech team constantly improves the product and releases new features. We are very interested in hearing your feedback. In fact, it has a direct impact on our roadmap.

See your next month's bank balance.

Get cash flow forecasts that are super easy to understand.

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