The Many ways to
promote your business

Paid campaigns on Google, Facebook and forum advertisements are all
sponsored by us to help you grow your business.

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A variety of ways to
reach new clients.

Each promotional option is designed to reach a specific type of client. You have a choice of options below.


Forum Advertisements

The name of your practice, your photo and description will appear in our forum.


Social Media

We will share your answers on our social media platforms - Facebook and LinkedIn page and Twitter account.



Once a month we conduct an interview with one of our industry experts.


Free Google Campaigns

Sponsored Google and PPC campaigns targeted to your audience.

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Free Facebook Campaigns

Sponsored Facebook targeted to your audience.


Featured Article

Once a month we will select who has contributed the best and write an extensive article profiling their business.



Every answer you write in our forum will have your 'signature' - An attribution with your business and personal name, a description and photo.


Email Marketing

We promote our Industry Experts through emails that are sent regularly to our client list.

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Business Profile Page

Every Industry Expert receives a personal profile page that displays a photo, an 'About' section with links to their practice, LinkedIn and Facebook page.

All these option are available now.

Start promoting and growing your business today. It has never been so and free.

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