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Helping small businesses grow.
A free project.

The ‘Marketing Frog’ project is a free platform that aims to help professionals; mainly, accountants and bookkeepers attain the exposure they need to reach new and potential clients to grow their business.

Working with several members of the community and online users we noticed the struggle individual and small businesses have with respect to marketing their business. No matter how professional or talented they were, they all faced the same challenge – How to promote themselves, reach new clients and eventually grow their business.

Even though most of them already had paying and satisfied clients,these small businesses struggled to develop a sustainable growth channel. It was a taxing uphill battle for those people – self-employed and small business owners. They have to put themselves out there, share their knowledge while making a name for themselves in their industry.

Most new businesses turn to social media as a default for online marketing and branding options. It is an important and beneficial tool to have a social media presence; however, if you are not an outstanding Facebook marketer or a LinkedIn superstar, the effort you will spend promoting yourself on these platforms just won’t cut it. The market is simply too saturated.

We then came across another interesting, but a rather reverse problem. Consumers have a hard time finding answers to important work related questions. Some questions are in regards to the daily work constraints while others, were targeted for higher level business and marketing aspects. The problem is that much of these questions are just too complicated to formulate into a Google search. Quite often these questions address professional issues that one would like to ask a real person or a professional…

We then connected the dots…

We thought, why not create a space for professionals to answers consumer questions about business related topics? It could potentially be an inviting opportunity for professionals to showcase their knowledge, attain the exposure they need and help people out at the same time. This is how it all started…

This marketing platform is built to help businesses grow. It is 100% free. Aside from enabling small businesses to share their knowledge and create brand awareness, the platform offers various benefits such as:

• Sponsored promotions on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Taboola and more.
• Business and personal promotions on the forum.
• Profiles to showcase your business and expertise. 
• Featured articles about top contributors and their businesses.
• Interviews with top contributors.

This free platform was
created for you.

Start promoting and growing your business today, it’s never been so easy (and free) before…

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