Get your invoices paid on time

This free tool by Cash Flow Frog helps you keep track of all your invoices. See when the invoices were sent, which invoices have not been paid yet and when the customers were reminded to pay. Send out payment reminders if needed.

A Free Tool By Cash Flow Frog

Save precious time and money

Keeping track of invoices is an endless task. Our system does it for you automatically and for free.

Credit control

When you allow your clients to delay payment you actually extend them credit. The longer they delay, the more credit you extend them. With our invoice collection tool you control the credit. You set the payment terms, and use the system to remind the client before the due date arrives, thus reducing the number of late payments. The system will also show you overdue payments so that you can take action.

Remove the awkwardness

Nobody likes to remind a client to pay, it's an inconvenient situation. This is the main reason, in fact, why so many people procrastinate this task.
Our system rids you of this problem. You simply create custom templates for friendly reminders that are sent automatically when needed. On one hand your customers can see that you wrote the message for them and feel the personal touch. On the other hand though, they can see that the message was generated automatically, therefore it feels like a normal reminder and not a reprimand.

Boost your profitability

This is an essential tool that makes your business' work flow more efficient. It improves your cash flow and saves you from losing money that you have already earned.

One click set up

It’s as simple as it gets.
Just connect your accounting software. That’s it. No technical background required. Cash Flow Frog will sort your invoices automatically.

Just give it a try, it's free!

This is a very helpful tool so feel free to simply try it out, there’s nothing to lose…

A Free Tool By Cash Flow Frog
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