Quickbooks Online or Desktop, which do you prefer?


I will say that I like QuickBooks Online, I have been using it since about 2001. I am partial to the QBDT mainly because I have been using it for a longer period of time.

Here is a little secret that I use to make sure my clients continue to update their QBDT, I set aside $10.00 per month of their fee and put it towards software updates, one of the services that I have in my letter of engagement. Every 3 years I go in and update their computer with the latest version, and everyone is happy. And I only have to worry about 3 versions to keep updated.

Don’t make it a big thing and it will not be a big thing, just like when I explain that my firm bills up front via automatic credit card payment.

As far as QBO, I have only one client on it, it works for him, and I can take care of his needs. I see the future moving more toward online, we need to get familiar with it…
I hope this helps.

Scott Barhold is the owner of Into The Black Accounting, working with business owner’s to help them increase profits, reduce taxes, and keep more money in the bank to run and grow their business.


QuickBooks Online offers account access no matter where you are, which makes it a good option for business owners who are always on the go or have a remote workforce. QuickBooks Desktop, however, may be a good option for business owners who don’t want to rely on internet connectivity to access their financials.
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