I’ve been using QBDT for years, some say that QBO has become better than QBDT. Do you agree with that?


No. Online doesn’t cut it for those of us who have been on desktop for 20 years.

As someone who has done actual audit work in both QBO and QBDT I find it much harder in online.

The bank feeds are better if they have an agreement with the bank or credit card (they have really pushed this over the years by forcing banks and credit cards off the web connect service so that people went to online where their bread and butter is).

But if they don’t then the process is more cumbersome to uploading a QBO file since you cannot do it inside the software:
– Attaching documents.
– Opening multiple companies
– Sending batch invoice reminders.
– And setting up recurring sales receipts and invoices are all possible on desktop too.

Maybe it’s just the work that I do that makes online impossible. Audit accounting is terrible when you have to do it online.

Also, if you have a client who collects sales tax across the state there is no way to set up multiple tax rates online. It’s one rate (where the address is) and one rate only so keeping track of that very important liability is impossible for anyone online.

Kate Belford is the owner of Manheim Group. She specializes in small business consulting and fractional CFO services as well as bookkeeping services.