Is there reasons why Quickbooks online is better than the desktop version!?


Trying to decide or argue about which is better is pointless. Each has its strong points and fits better with a different set of companies with different needs. If you want to help clients decide between them then you need to know them both well.

Desktop is better than Online in certain aspects but there is also a long list of things that QBO can do that desktop can’t:
1. Vastly superior bank feeds and audit trail.
2. Change expense and check transactions into bill payments (even cleared ones).
3. Location tracking (in addition to classes),.
4. Ability to communicate with customer about an invoice within the app (a chat right in the invoice being discussed).
5. Delayed charges and credits.
6. Attach documents in cloud.
7. Use multiple AR and/or AP lines in a single transaction or journal entry.
8. Unlimited companies open at once.
9. Up to 25 users on plus version.
10. Send invoice payment reminders in batch.
11. Set up recurring sales receipts with automatic payment processing.
12. Easy access on any device at any location.
13. Unlimited data.
14. Free tech support.
15. Customized professional management report packages.
16. Schedule and send reports or groups of reports automatically.
17. Schedule and send invoices and sales receipts automatically.
18. Create users that only have access to reports.

This list is aging but fairly complete, I believe. And please understand I have clients in both as well as Enterprise. They all have their place.

In conclusion, the only helpful discussion would be your client’s needs and which serves them better. They are both very capable.

Brent Blackburn is the owner of Biz Books Cloud, providing cost-effective bookkeeping, payroll, QuickBooks, Xero, Wave, and other accounting software solutions for clients all over the United States.