Is there an app that helps import invoices to Quickbooks?

My client wants to add information on their Sales Invoices, it cant be added in the Description part, above the Customer Address.
He also needs to be able to have a section along the bottom with a disclaimer on it.
The Quickbooks invoice is limited and I wondered if there was an app that worked well to adapt the Quickbooks invoice or that you could import to Quickbooks?


Ive done that but the fields need to be bigger to fit the information on. One field needs to be nearly as big as the Customer Address field. Also the disclaimer needs to go along the width of the invoice. Can the boxes at the bottom be adjusted?


He’s just producing his invoices on Word at the moment which can be time consuming so we are both hoping, I can sort it out so he can use the Quickbooks invoice. I’ll look at the QB Lab, thank you ?


You can customise invoices quite easily. I add comments to the bottom of invoices and you can add extra fields to the top. It can be fiddly to start but once you get the hang of it is ok. Open an invoice and click customise at bottom.

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Thank you!


If I were you I’d try to upload the invoice design/template via QB labs I think.
Watch tutorials on YouTube if you get stuck. There are very helpful ones, they will definitely save you time.


You can do it with a tool called business importer

Step 1: Select your file (Excel) containing invoices. Select sheet in your file. Select a QuickBooks transaction or list type to import.

Step 2: Mapping.

Step 3: Preview.

View import log when the import is finished.

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