Is there a limit for the items and names on QBO Pro?


Yes, the limit for QBO pro is 14,500 items. You’ll have to upgrade to Enterprise if you need more.
Alternatively, you can condense the file and get rid of unused names. This solution is more like a hack but it’s doable.


Yes, there is a limit and it’s quite annoying because Quickbooks notifies you only when you’ve already reached the limit. It doesn’t warn you when you’re getting close!
In pro and Premier we’re limited to 14,500 files or names.

What I recommend, if you don’t want to be surprised at the last moment, is to periodically check how many names you have in your Quickbooks file. This is how it’s done:
Click ‘F2’ or Control+1. Then you’ll get a list of all your items (accounts, names, vendors, customers etc.).

Good luck!