How to set up remote access to Quickbooks Desktop?

My client uses QBDT and I'm wondering how I can access their account in order to do their books.
Does anyone have any experience with that?


There are a few solutions for working remotely with clients on QBDT.
I think the most popular options would be these:

1. Set up remote access directly in QBDT.
I think this is the best option since it is the way it should actually be done. Your client simply has to enable access through Terminal Services on QBDT and then you need to connect on your side.. The only problem is that some people find this technical step a bit difficult.

2. Log in remotely to your client’s office computer with a remote access software. If you use this option you’ll be working on their computer, as if you were in their office.
The pros are that the setup is pretty straight forward and easy. If your client doesn’t have an IT guy and finds it difficult to enable remote access directly through QBDT, then this could be a good solution.
The cons would be that there may be some delay time because you work on their computer. Also, they would have to have a computer set up for you in their office.
There are a bunch of remote access softwares out there, just Google it and select one.

3. The third option I would consider is to host QB in the cloud.
In my opinion, it is best to host QBDT in the cloud so you get the best of both worlds:
You get all the features the Desktop version has to offer as well as being able to connect from any internet connection.
The problem is that this might seem to your client as a too big of a change, especially if their old school and can’t even set up a remote connection… Besides that there are other aspect to take into consideration such as hosting costs and so on. You may have a look at what Intuit has to say about it here:

I hope this helps shed some light on the subject.


A. Hosting QuickBooks Desktop on cloud

Intuit allows authorized hosting of QuickBooks Desktop software on the third-party servers. QuickBooks, installed on the server of hosting providers, can be accessed by the authenticated users from anywhere over the internet. All the features of the desktop software are available for the user, and it even supports cross-device (desktop, smartphone, laptop, and others) operations.

Along with cross-device usage, this service gives an edge for the accounting professionals as they don’t have to make any effort with the installation or maintenance of QuickBooks as the hosting service provider takes care of those tasks. It also offers multi-user collaboration and easier integration of QB add-ons.

To access QuickBooks Desktop remotely on the cloud you can visit apps4rent