How to enter deposit slips into QuickBooks?

I need your help.

I'm trying to enter deposits into QuickBooks Online. I literally have a stack of deposit slips that I never entered invoices for them. Should I enter them as invoices first and then the payments or can I do all of them as sales receipts to make it faster?
My bank was connected correctly they should already be in there but I have Wells Fargo and I can't log in.
Can anyone help?


My clients don’t create invoices but when I download the activity for the month and see a deposit I go to their bank acct and open it to see if there are multiple payments. If there are various payments in one deposit I like to break it down so the deposit reflects all the individual payments. I do this for record purposes. Bottom line is, you don’t need invoices to match payments received.
Also, from within your bank account in Wells Fargo, you can log in and view and download statements and account activity.