How does Quickbooks work in terms of syncing between many users? Are there other solutions for collaborating remotely?


With QuickBooks Online, each user has their own copy of the datafile on their own machine with their own copy of QuickBooks.

Qbox is a traffic cop that keeps track of who’s working in their copy and warns other users if they open their copy that anything they add to the data will be overwritten when a new fresh copy is synced up and out to all users.

There is a Qbox multiuser folder that can be used in a local office on a network but all users out of the office have to wait their turn.

Your next option is to either hang a cheap computer off your client’s network for 24/7 access or bump a user off their machine so you can dial-in and work.

I prefer QBox in that if I have to ask my clients to get out of QuickBooks, at least they can do other work on their machine because I’m working on my own local machine.

Sara Laidlaw is the owner of Accounting Services Bureau Inc. and the developer of TBX Trial Balance Exporter for QuickBooks Desktop.