Has anyone received this error message on QBO?

I keep getting this error message: “We’re sorry! You don’t have access rights to view this data”.
Has anyone encountered it and found a solution?



Yes, it happened to me too.

Also, I’ve heard about a few other bookkeepers who had this problem. I know that it was even reported to Quickbooks’ support but it seems like there’s an issue that the QB team haven’t been able to fix.

It took me a lot of searching and digging through Facebook groups till I was finally able to resolve the issue. I was offered different solutions, apparently different solutions worked for different people:

So, start by checking the configuration to make sure that you have the required permissions (admin access).
Then see if it has something to do with your browser:
Try logging out and then back in.
If this doesn’t work then log out, clear cache and delete cookies (if you don’t know how to do it just Google: ‘how to clear browser cache’ and ‘how to delete browser cookies’).
* BTW, if you delete cookies you may be logged out of all other websites that you are logged into on the browser. So you may want to delete only the QBO cookies. But if it makes things complicated for you then simply delete all cookies and later log back in to your websites.
Another way to go about it is to log in via incognito – Open your browser’s menu and click ‘New incognito window’. This mode allows you to use a “clean” browser without cookies.
Also, you can try using a different browser – If you were using Chrome then use Firefox or Safari (on mac).

Normally, by now the problem should be resolved. But if it still doesn’t work then you may want to try to open a new client in your account and configure it from there. And yes, I know this is quite a crazy workaround…


I advise you to follow any of the 2 options below:

You can open Chrome in an incognito window through pressing Ctrl + Shift + N.

You can use QBO Desktop app to access your company.
If it works, please try to clear temporary internet files and cache in your regular browser. This can clear unexpected behavior in the product.

Let us know if this helps.