Do you want to know about QuickBooks proadviosr ?


My wife is a CPA still who was a tax accountant for over 40 years but is now retired for medical reasons (increasing dementia). She has been in the ProAdvisor program off and on for years.

She used to do accounting for quite a few clients. Now, it is only us and she has lost the ability to even do that.

The ProAdvisor membership has been mostly to have access to the latest versions of QuickBooks, including Enterprise for us.

A few years ago, we needed to do simultaneous* data entry on our own books. I discovered it was less expensive for me to also join the program and get my own licenses than it was to get a multi-user license for her.

* A note about simultaneous use – you can share access to the data file but to have it open in more than one copy of QuickBooks at the same time, you each have to have a license. This really confuses some people!
At this point, it is really silly for us to both be in the ProAdvisor program and I dropped my membership. In fact, her being in it still is a waste of money.

We only keep her registered as a CPA because it is so important to her identity.

One final point. I have less than zero interest in using QuickBooks online. Even with a decent Internet connection, it is painfully slow compared to using the desktop version. As others have pointed out, there are serious privacy issues too.