Do you think that Intuit is going to discontinue Quickbooks Desktop?


No. I don’t.
Obviously that’s completely up to Intuit and they’ve been known to do extremely unpredictable things.

Currently, desktop still makes Intuit more money than QBO – it still has a higher market share (more users). So, until that changes, it is not financially in Intuit’s best interest to do away with it. QBDT Accountant’s version is their best product and Enterprise still makes them a boat load of money in that space and they don’t have a comparable replacement in the Online version.

Payroll and Merchant Services are their “money makers”. If you follow their “actions” versus their “words” there are indicators that support this. For example:
They got rid of the MAC version. Which if there ever was a desktop version to be thrown away and a prime candidate for QBO – the MAC version was it. They brought it back. Another example:
They terminated desktop support personnel as well as the developers for the desktop product. They’ve since hired “some” of them back.

Yes, this is all speculative, but if you follow the money, understand how corporate America works, read between the lines and watch their actions versus listening to their marketing message, desktop is not going away any time soon. They would also need to come up with a viable alternative for “downloading and retaining” a QBO file once the subscription is cancelled.

I personally prefer desktop because it works 99.9% of the time. The other .1% I can generally fix without being at the mercy of tech support (or no support) or going on the “engineers” list.

Michele Riffe is a pricing and profit strategist that helps Bookkeepers & Accountants reach a half a Million Dollars with little overhead & minimal staff.