Can I use Journal Entries to fix client’s paychecks that appear to haven’t gone properly through QBPayroll?


You can’t fix payroll with Journal Entries. I wish I had a big, fat, virtual, 3-foot yard stick so I could reach out and smack whoever keeps posting that BS.

The checks need to go through payroll and in chronological order for proper YTD calculations. No, I don’t know how to “fix” it in QBO payroll.
1) MAKE the customer STOP writing manual checks.
2) You have a mess, contact QBO Payroll support on what the process is for fixing.

And, as a caveat – ask for somebody at Tech Support who KNOWS the answer, not just guessing. If they put you on hold and have to go ask everybody sitting around them, ask to be transferred, or hang up and call back.

I guess I should clarify, also, there is a difference between “correcting” the situation and just adjusting it to move on. I answered assuming you wanted to “correct” the situation in order to amend returns (if applicable) have an accurate recording for on-going and historical info, etc.

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