Can anyone give me some tips on how to reach new clients?


You may want to watch this video…/videos/1001022833390526/


To build your bookkeeping clients.

Advertise in your networks. If you don’t have networks start building them.

Linked In, Facebook and starting up your own blog are all good ways for people to come across your business. Create a website and maintain it with up to date content. Your area should have a Chamber of Commerce or Council that organises monthly small business meetings. Use these as a chance to network. You should also be able to access a Meetup group that is specifically for small business start ups. At one meeting I attended three people asked if I was available to do their bookkeeping.

Ask around your local (and not so local) accountants. One I went to for my tax return last year offered me online bookkeeping work as they needed help but didn’t want to employ another person. This accountant also had several clients who had asked him if he could recommend a bookkeeper and he asked if I was interested.

Building up your networks is the best way to get clients. I’ve had more work offered to me than I can handle and it’s all been through word of mouth.