As an accountant on the Partners program, using QBO, how do I add companies to my account?


Hello Karen,

As an accountant or a bookkeeper in our Partners Program you get a free account for your practice and a significant discount for your companies.
So, after you have connected to Cash Flow Frog with your Quickbooks Online account, you need to select which companies to add to your account. There are two options:

1. The first option is via your QBO account:
– Go to your QBOA apps tab.
– Click on the Cash Flow Frog icon.
– Choose the relevant client companies and connect them to Cash Flow Frog.

2. The second option is within Cash Flow Frog:
– Click on the company name at the top right corner.
– Click on the “Connect more companies” option from the drop down menu.
– Click on the connect to QuickBooks button.
– Choose the relevant company and click on the connect. button.

We recommend using the first option, since doing it via QBO allows you to connect multiple companies at once rather than just one company at a time within Cash Flow Frog

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