Why pinpointing your ideal bookkeeping client is so important?

Shan Mikkelsen , Founder & Director | Launch Marketing Brisbane Industry Expert · Monday, February 25th, 2019

Pinpointing your ideal client is more important than you think…

A lot of bookkeepers have done ‘client avatar exercises’ in the past.

It’s the same boring task for writing down on a piece of paper who they are, how old are they, where do they live, etc. etc.

And the problem with that is that:
1. It’s boring… lol
2. It’s ineffective in accomplishing the whole goal of your business.

And what is the goal of your business?
To make money.

Without pinpointing who exactly your ideal client is, you’re throwing spaghetti against the wall and talking to anybody who has a pulse.

Which attracts NO-ONE.

So how do you actually pinpoint your ideal client and why is it important?

It is important because it’ll illuminate EXACTLY who you’re looking for among the crowd.

It ALSO allows you to create marketing messages that really resonate with them which creates that churn and that pull that is required to attract new clients.

You need to figure out WHO they are and WHAT are their goals / traits / motivations.

And motivations are huge… 😉

For example, you should be looking at positive and negative motivators.

A positive motivator is one that brings enjoyment and optimism to your ideal client. Essentially, it is a response that induces people to take action through the possibility of reaching their desired self, goal or overall improvement.

E.g. some common ones are:
> Saving time…
> The ability to work with an expert that knows how to navigate the financial waters of their industry…
> Compliance!

On the other hand…

A negative motivator is one that motivates a prospect to take action through fear. That doesn’t mean fear as in bad things are going to happen to them personally… It could be fear of financial loss, fear of a missed opportunity, or even the fear of NOT reaching the next level…

E.g. the IRS knocking on their door, missing their kid’s soccer game, etc. etc.

Then… you can use these as a reference point when writing your ads, landing page copy, email campaign, etc.

At the end of the day, growing your bookkeeping business is not about trying to convince everyone that you are the right choice for them… It’s about knowing you’re the right choice for a certain type of person and then going all in on that.

Shan Mikkelsen is Founder and Director at Launch Marketing Brisbane, helping firms in the financial industry grow by leveraging the power of social media marketing and social media advertising.