What type of challenges businesses normally face and what measures can new businesses take to guarantee avoiding problems?


Everybody is always wanting to know what type of GUARANTEES they have when making decisions…

First of all – there’s hardly anything worth doing in life that’s “100% guaranteed”

…there IS one thing, however, that I will give you my “100% guarantee” stamp of approval on.

And it’s that if you’re going to be in business, you are 100% going to run into some very challenging problems.

But it’s up to YOU to decide what type of challenging problems those will be.

There’s two types:
1) Good problems (aka – growing pains).
2) Bad problems (aka – symptoms of your business dying).

Obviously… you want to have problems that signal the growth and prosperity of your business opposed it’s demise.

For example:
We had a client come in who was previously selling courses that were priced at a couple hundred bucks. After spending some time with us, his stripe account was frozen because he was now making exponentially more money selling packages worth 3-5k a pop.

That’s a GOOD problem.

Here’s an example of a BAD one:
I spoke with someone recently, who when I asked how many sales conversations they had in the past 90 days they said “4”.

(Context: this was a business who was previously doing pretty well, and now is doing not-so-well)

…and then when I asked what their immediate plan was to put more appointments on the calendar they responded “Well, we first want to make sure we get our book done, website rebranded, training modules redesigned, blah blah blah”.

That folks, is a symptom of certain death quickly approaching your business.

Moral of the story…

Make sure the problems you’re experiencing and trying to solve RIGHT NOW are signs of growing pains, NOT signs of an impending doom.

If you are currently trying to overcome problems that are classified as “bad” opposed to “good” then I suggest you shoot me over a DM and see if our team can help you or at the very least get you hooked up with a free training that will set you on the right track.

Good luck out there 😉

Cole Gordon is the founder of Gordon Advertising LLC, helping e-commerce brands in the health & fitness market increase their email database by 20-100% systematically WITHOUT spending money on advertising.