What strategies should I use, as a new bookkeeper, to create a reputation for myself and attract new clients?

Tyler S. Clark , Founder & CEO | ADcountants Industry Expert · Thursday, February 7th, 2019

I broke it down into the following steps:

1. The first thing I like to point out, regardless of size of firms, is that the LAWS of attraction are the same regardless of your position in the market. To best understand these laws, you should just review ” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>this webpage and if you want to go deeper, order the book associated with it.

2. If you’re starting out, that usually equals to not having an advertising budget of any type. What it also usually means is rather than having an abundance of capital, you will have an abundance of time to spend on prospecting and marketing the freemium way. Regardless, you need one or the other, time or money, in order to be able to attract clients. It will never just happen magically on its own.

3. Assuming we’re working with an abundance of time, there are a few strategies that I recommend that tend to get the first clients through the door. The first is basic, but it works. Ask! Ask your friends, family, facebook connections. It can be as easy as just literally putting yourself out there and making it known that this is what you do!

4. Say goodbye to the idea of your FB profile being just a place to view baby pictures and post your vacation photos. Trick it out to be 100% business focused. Make an offer through your cover photo that would entice your ideal client. Include links to your online calendar scheduling (use Calendly for a free one)

5. Spend time connecting on LinkedIn with people who are in the industry you want to work with the most. You can get 30 days of free LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator and use their search feature to find business owners in your niche, and send 20 InMails for free offering your services.

6. LinkedIn continued. If you use LinkedIn Helper (bot) you can get a 2 week free trial to help automate the connecting process. This is a killer free strategy. You can customize your connection message so that it’s a conversation opener, and progress from there.

7. Use Cash Flow Frog’s free Marketing and Branding Platform. The platform lets you answer questions and share your knowledge. Your answers are posted on this forum and if they’re good they are shared on social media and even promoted on paid campaigns (Google, Facebook etc.). A great way to build your online presence, reputation and brand awareness.

8. Don’t neglect having a simple, free website via WordPress Wix or Squarespace. You don’t need to pay to have this done, just keep it super simple. Your name, a nice high res photo of you, simple colors, and the ability to click a button that leads to your scheduling link.

9. Attend your local chambers of commerce events (normally free I think?) and start putting yourself out there!

Tyler S. Clark is an innovative digital marketing strategist. He is the owner of ADcountants, a Digital Marketing & Online Advertising Agency for Accountants.