What resources do you use in order to learn how to persuade and influence your marketing prospects?


If you wanna learn persuasion at the HIGHEST caliber – then study those who have gone down in history for being masters at swaying and influencing the masses.

People like John F. Kennedy, Napoleon, MLK, Lincoln, Churchill, ect, ect….

Studying these guys with the overlying understanding that sales and influence is all about LEADERSHIP will give you so many gems of insights your brain will literally explode.

Take Napoleon for ex:
As supreme general of France’s military, Napoleon was renowned for delivering speeches that would inspire his underpaid, underfed, and pissed off soldiers to work together as a cohesive unit that annihilated their enemies conquest after conquest.

His speeches always followed the same framework:
“Behind you is a grim past we are collectively running away from – while in front of you is a future of wealth, glory, and freedom IF (and only if) you follow me”.

It is said that Napoleon would emphasize to his soldiers how their present situation offered little hope while painting a *vague* picture of their future full of pleasure, excitement, and freedom – without ever divulging into specifics and details.

Now if you know anything about influence… it’s incredible to see how on point Napoleon’s 200 year old speech framework is and how it still aligns perfectly with the fundamentals today.

Napoleon knows that the key to creating ACTION in his prospects (aka his soldiers) is to anchor negative emotions to their past and current situations while showing them that there is an exciting future ahead if and only if they follow him – while never getting into the weeds or details of exactly what that future really is.

lil history lesson – use it NOT for manipulation but to empower your market to make accurate decision that will further them towards their destination.

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