What marketing strategies should I use for my online boutique? Would giveaways help?


I own a custom candle company and I would say don’t give anything away. It only attracts people who are willing to take anything they can get for free. Those same people will never spend a dime.
If you are brave enough, I would recommend starting a vlog on YouTube and IGTV.

Because your company is online, you have to market entirely online with video. Sadly, photos don’t cut it anymore. You are competing with so many others trying to build their own business, and everyone is posting photos.

The key to sales is create a culture around your brand. Start a Facebook group for your customers and encourage them to post pictures and personal stories!

Make videos on your smartphone and sStart posting every day on IGTV. Make it super simple and just talk about your products. Start with why you got into the business, and tell people what it means to you personally. People follow stories, not products.

Filming content about anything is great! I’d just start filming and see how it goes. For IGTV, the longer the better. But they can even be 30 seconds.

Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel for my candle business! Hopefully it gives you ideas! I’m also posting on IGTV every day as well!

Brendan Halbohm is the owner of MADE Custom Candles – Custom hand made candles created in Jamestown, New York by Brendan.