What is your approach to handling competition and how do you differentiate yourself?


I think what the competitors should do for us is keep us on our toes. We will not be able to grow our business if we only focus on the competition.

My view is to be the best at what you do – Add additional services that create value for your clients, so much so that even if the competition shops them they find it hard to move on.

I got a client in 2012 (my very first client I might add) who left me in 2014 to go to the competition. I was very professional during the transition.

In 2016 that same client called and asked me to meet up, I almost said no but eventually decided to meet. She begged me to take her back and keep apologizing to this day!

What did I do that was different?
I created real value in ways that she found more significant for her than what a big CPA firm could offer.

In other words, be so good at what you do that even the competitor cannot compete. And what you are weak in outsource (Talking to myself as well!😁😁).

Andrea Russell is a Certified Profit First Professional at ACR Bookkeeping Service Plus LLC.