What is the quickest way to improve my sales calls?


If you are in sales (or doing sales for your own biz) and NOT reviewing your sales calls on a daily basis…

Welp. You might as well be lighting your money on fire then 🔥

Pro athletes & coaches preach over and over about having to “look at the tape” before making judgements on their performance…

… and next to actually playing the game, it’s by far the most important activity they do to prepare/get better for next time.

Why should sales be any different?

Might feel like common sense to some but I hear of WAY too many folks not doing this. Especially as they’re starting out…

If you’re one of those people, you need to start doing it NOW.

BY FAR easiest/quickest way to get better.

Happy selling.

Cole Gordon is the founder of Gordon Advertising LLC, helping e-commerce brands in the health & fitness market increase their email database by 20-100% systematically WITHOUT spending money on advertising.