What do you use Virtual Assistance for and what has been your experience working with them?


My Virtual Assistance team members do the following on an ongoing basis:
* Create graphics for my blogs.
* Share our blogs and announcements for upcoming webinars and livestreams.
* Break up my weekly Q&A livestream into individual Q + A, add our
branding & background music, upload to our YouTube channel, and assign to the appropriate playlist(s).
* Register me for CPE courses.
* Conduct Quality Assurance calls with clients, including asking for referrals.
* Add new deals to Pipedrive.
* Apply for awards for me / my firm.
* File electronic documents in our internal online storage space.
* Invite employment candidates to our introductory webinar about our firm.
* Handle manual scheduling when necessary.
* Create blocks on my calendar in alignment with my tactical plan, i.e. how much of each week is spent on billables, admin, sales, marketing, and systematization.
* Scan certain recurring inbound communications for leads.
* Allocate payroll taxes to engagements using gross wages per engagement as the allocation base
and more.

A huge advantage of working with a VA team instead of a single person is that each person has different specialties, so the above list encompasses 4 different people.

When we started with DCA Virtual Business Support we paid $30/hr for the team and $40 for the owner. Now we work with the team only as the owner is quite savvily growing her firm and not doing as much direct services anymore, and when she raised her prices from $30/hr to $32/hr I didn’t blink.

Jaime Campbell is a Co-Owner of Tier One Services, LLC, providing Outsourced CFO & accounting services to high-growth nonprofits and for-profit businesses $1M-$20M.