What do you use for your pipeline CRM software?


OntraPort now has “Card View”, which basically lets you easily build (drag and drop) a PipeDrive-like Interface based off any custom data. Super powerful.

OntraPort is my go to recommendation for most real businesses as it combines customisable CRM with awesome all-in-one marketing automation. The only people who SHOULDN’T use it are:
– People starting out with zero list, where something like ActiveCampaign, Clickfunnels or Kartra may be simpler and easier.
– People doing only CRM not marketing automation.
– Massive organisations with intense InfusionSoft configurations and history.

PipeDrive is a great tool, but only for manual sales. You can sync it via PieSync to eg InfusionSoft (2-way, unlike Zapier), but there are always limits. e.g. PieSync’s Salesforce connector only pulls in Contacts, not Leads. With OntraPort as of a month ago, there’s no need for even this integration.

Can talk about CRM all day, but the first question is always “what for?” and “in what context?” Otherwise any answer is just likely to be wrong.

David Kellam, CEO of Automate your Business, helps services-based businesses add multiple 6-figure revenue streams through automated systems & processes.