What are your preferred restaurant tech stacks?

Restaurant accounting experts, what apps and services do you use in order to do restaurants' books?


I work with many restaurants and sure am passionate about it.

These are my preferred apps:

Hubdoc, QBO & Plooto customers facing.

I also suggest 17Hats to them to build out their hiring process effectively.

Receipt Bank is my internal publishing app.

Payroll is a moving target depending on the size they need. Could be QBO, Wagepoint or a service.

Time tracking also different. TSheets, Track by Wagepoint or built into their front end system (Aloha…).

Kellie Parks Calmwaters is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper, Member of Intuit Trainer Writer Network​​, QBO Advanced Pro Certified, Hubdoc Advanced Partner, WagePoint Certified,TSheets Certified, ​Plooto Partner at Calmwaters Cloud Accounting.