What are the best ways to market a water damage restoration business?


The three most important steps you should take are:
1. Network with other home service owners.
2. Above all, get a Google Ads campaign in place.
3. Be ranked first in google.
It’s important that you hire a professional. It will be cheaper in the long run assuming they’re competent.

Don’t worry about Facebook/instagram/twitter/LinkedIn much. If you have the time, work on branding through these channels (mainly Facebook) but remember to entertain your audience, don’t promote your business. This may seem like it won’t help you out but it will big time in the long game.

A great idea is to document via video say a case study and show the process from basement destroyed including why it happened to full restoration. Post this on FB, YouTube, IG TV, LinkedIn and website. You can then write short 300 word articles on your website with this video included going over just one aspect of what you did in the restoration and educate your audience. When you write these then post on all the channels with links to your website.

If you document one job it can create say 10 different pieces of content. The best part is you can post the same story 2-3 months later without making a new one. Most people won’t remember and 90% that see it will be new people.

The other great part is most people don’t understand exactly how you do what you do, and let’s face it, water damage elicits fear, pair this with educating your audience and it will get shared- which is the golden ticket to free exposure on social media.

Of course when people need to hire you the first thing they do is google “water damage restoration + “your city”” so that should be number one. Content is a long game so the minute it happens they think “better call Marshall”.

Source: I do this for a living

Jordan Rooney is President at Country Hills Media, a marketing agency that helps local businesses compete and win more business online with pure, tangible, results.